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Getting Around -> Merida    

Getting around the major cities of Mexico can be a trying experience. The big cities tend to be very congested and traffic bottlenecks are common. Mexico City is so extensive that driving across town for business is impractical. Fortunately, Mexico is developing alternatives in terms of public transportation in cities. Mexico City has progressed the farthest with an extensive network of subway trains. A similar system is available in Monterrey. In addition, buses and taxis are readily available in all cities.

There are a number of maps and guidebooks available to help you get around in the various cities of Mexico. These range from guides which are available from the local tourist offices, to comprehensive street guides that provide detailed information about the streets and roads in the city. In the case of Mexico City, there is an extensive guidebook, called the Guia Roji, which provides over 100 pages of detailed information and maps on all areas of town. This guidebook costs about US$10. The Mexico City maps also include a metro guide which is very helpful in making your way through the subway system.



Cancun is one of the most modern public transportation systems in all
of mexico, buses pass the tourist area 24 hours a day every day.



Cancun has thousands of taxis that offer transportationMexico City has an extensive network of subway trains, which is commonly referred to as the metro system. The metro offers a quick and relatively efficient way of covering long distances across town. If the metro does not get you close enough to your destination, you will find that there are almost always taxis available at the exit of each metro station. In addition, metro stations are normally near city bus stops. If you choose to use the bus, you should not have too long a wait.

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